A Little Background About Ray Mack...

Live Your Life, Love Your Life... and Laugh at Life!

Ray Mack was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where he displayed several talents in a multitude of areas before landing in comedy. He first displayed his athletic ability by winning several local and state championships as an amateur boxer, including a Golden Gloves title, while maintaining an undefeated record. Today, he is still a devout fan of the sport of boxing along with drag racing, high performance engine building and classic muscle cars.

Later, motivated by his natural artistic talents, he performed for many years as a percussionist, keyboardist and background vocalist for R&B and Gospel events as well as a local area deejay before taking on an acting career, where he toured with local and national stage plays. While performing as an actor, he noted an obvious preference for comedic roles and the natural ability to keep audiences laughing.

After several years of acting, Ray Mack left the entertainment industry to complete both a bachelor's degree from University of Michigan and a Master’s of Divinity from Ashland University. He  embarked upon a career in business, where he attained Six Sigma certification and worked in management for several Fortune 100 companies in the automotive and retail industries while also serving in leadership with many churches across several states. 

Even as a manager, it could not be ignored that he brought professionalism and strong analytics along with non-stop energy and humor to each of his positions! After attaining success in both industries, and quickly running out of challenges, he decided to return to his first love – comedy! Ray had thought about pursuing comedy for many years before he actually penned his first joke, but once he started, he quickly created a large amount of material within a few short months and decided it was time to put his humor and talents to work! 

Today, you’ll find Ray Mack blowing up stages and keeping audiences on their heels! You'll also catch him as the hilarious host of the radio show Ray Mack - Straight from the Short Bus! Watch out comedy fans – there’s a blast of creative humor and energy coming your way and it’s called the hilarious comedy of Ray Mack! As Ray always says, “Live your life, love your life... and laugh at life!”